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PlumbRx Drain Opening Cups feature a powerful plant-based surfactant and other proprietary ingredients to easily dissolve the toughest clogs. With PlumbRx, you get superior performance over regular drain openers. It's ultra concentrated formula clings to the blockage and begins working quickly against hair, grease, soap scum and paper. PlumbRx Drain Opening Cups are odorless and a better alternative to traditional drain openers. PlumbRx Drain Opening Cups are pre-measured to eliminate any guessing. Just open a cup, pour it down your drain and flush with water. It's that simple.

  • Pre-measured cups to eliminate any guessing or messes
  • Non-toxic & Non-caustic
  • Safe for sinks, tubs, toilets and septic systems
  • Breaks down grease, soap, paper, hair & more!
  • Includes FREE quick fix hair grabber tool
  • Pull tab to remove the lid and pour entire contents into drain
  • Add small amount of hot water, just enough to make sure no excess powder remains on surfaces. (After any standing water clears, wipe all metal surfaces dry to avoid possible discoloration)
  • Let stand for 15-30 minutes then flush with plenty of hot water
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