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Epoxy Patch is a unique and complete epoxy mortar system. Usage is simple even under the most extreme conditions. Epoxy Patch provides a high-strength patching mortar, which can be feather-edged. Epoxy Patch is unique in its ability to bond to damp surfaces. Epoxy Patch may be used in basements, outdoors, or on slabs where it is difficult, if not impossible to get surfaces absolutely dry. Epoxy Patch is scientifically designed to fill in and resurface cracks, holes, and pits in wood, concrete, brick, metal, and any other surface such as curbing and steps. Epoxy Patch can also be used for anchoring equipment, posts, parking meters, and signs. This 100% epoxy concrete patch & repair kit is used on plant floors, garage floors, sidewalks, driveways, basement floors, stairs and walls. Epoxy Patch comes complete with Resin, Hardener, and Aggregate. Nothing else to add!

  • Comes complete with Resin, Hardener and Aggregate
  • Bonds to Concrete, Asphalt, Wood, Metal & more
  • Useful for anchoring equipment, posts & signs
  • Can be sanded, drilled, or tapped
  • Can be feather edged
  • Use on plant floors, garage floors, sidewalks, driveways, basement floors, stairs and walls
  • Clean surfaces of any loose aggregate, dust, dirt, grease, and oil
  • Mix together all 3 components in the provided plastic pail until the consistency is smooth
  • Trowel the mix into and over any cracks, holes & pits in the surface
  • Allow 24 hours drying time. For thicker applications, allow extra curing time.
  • Dries to a Grey color.
  • For smaller amounts: mix half of “Mix A” with half of “Mix B” – then add in half of the aggregate in small amounts.

*For best results, apply product above 32° F.

*Warmer conditions dry quicker, colder temperatures dry slower.

*A 50 lb. pail of Epoxy Patch covers approximately 40-50 square feet at 1/8" thick. A 25 lb. pail of Epoxy Patch covers approximately 20 square feet at 1/8" thick.

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